IN4Pizza sets the new pizza standard

IN4Pizza sets the standard when it comes to the new way of experience pizza. For the longest was it a tradition to get a frozen pizza from the supermarket or a fresh pizza from the local pizzeria or the traditional pizza chains. For many reasons is it time to make changes and set the pizza standards. Why do you need to wait for 10-15 minutes and sometimes even more when you order a fresh pizza. The technology makes it possible to bake a perfect pizza under 4 minutes. An attractive look & feel by using art by artists from all over the world. This is IN4Pizza!

How it works

The IN4 Pizza automated retail kiosk offers 64 delicious and fresh pizza’s, ready under 4 minutes. Just order your choice of pizza and the robotic arm will pick the pizza from the right spot the refrigerated compartment that keeps the pizza fresh at all times.
Each pizza is stored in a pizza box for health purpose as well. The robotic arm pushes the pizza from below out of the pizza box and place the pizza directly in the oven, ready to bake. After just 4 minutes, the pizza will be placed back in the pizza box and presented, ready to eat, Fresh baked and piping hot. Each IN4 Pizza kiosk is connected to the Internet. This gives the opportunity to have real time control on distance for an unlimited number of machines. An efficient way to check stock, service, maintenance etc. No more unnecessary trips. Different payment systems are available including debet and credit cards, cash money, contactless payments, by cell phone etc. In a glance is it visible how successful each individual IN4 Pizza kiosk is.

in4pizza kiosk

Why IN4Pizza

IN4Pizza is 24/7 Operational

Imagine a location where fresh and delicious pizza is available 24/7. This is the truth with the latest pizza automated retail kiosk by IN4Pizza. Each and every hour of the day the best pizza for you. Experience the best combination of the latest technology and award winning pizza recipes. No staff needed and a sophisticated monitoring system informs the operator when it is time to restock. This creates new business opportunities. And the minimum space it needs makes it also possible to install the IN4Pizza kiosks at many locations like airports, hotels, gasstations, convenient stores, universities etc.

100% self service

The keyword to succes of this pizza concept is SIMPEL. Everybody can order a pizza without any help. No staff needed which saves a lot on labor costs. Just touch the screen and make your choice. After the order is confirmed and paid for, the IN4Pizza kiosk will do all the work and within 4 minutes is a fresh baked pizza ready to eat. This efficient pizza concept makes it possible that just one operator can service 20-30 pizza kiosks at a daily base, based on the distance of the kiosks.

Different payment options

Standard is debet and creditcard payment available. But other payment systems are also possible upon request. From contactless payments and special keys to payment by cellphone and fingerprint. Cash money is available but is not recommended because it can bring all kinds of negative influence like stealing and robberies. Different payment systems in one IN4pizza kiosk are optional and is most of the time based on the most used payment systems in a country.

Ready to eat in 4 minutes

It takes from the moment a pizza is ordered only 4 minutes to enjoy that delicious and fresh hot pizza. What do you need more? Other places take easily 10-15 minutes because they simply don’t use the latest technology. And our oven is also a real oven. No microwave. Never. IN4Pizza sets the standard with this new technology. The combination of quality ingredients, award winning recipes and the latest technology creates the best pizza you ever had.

Up to 4 pizza’s per order

Four full flavor pizza’s in one single box. You can not decide what pizza you want or have a good time with family and friends? Order the share box with 4 different small pizza’s. The same quality you can expect from IN4Pizza but just fun to enjoy. The next step will be the option to work with an IN4 Pizza kiosk with 2-3 or even 4 ovens in one machine. Speed up your business at certain locations with high traffic. An order to enjoy pizza with the whole family makes it possible to order up to 4 pizza’s at the same time and have them ready to eat also in 4 minutes. This version is available late 2016 and will also be installed in our drive true and restaurant concepts where one single four oven pizza kiosk can produce up to 50 pizza’s per hour. Now we talk about business.

64 premium quality pizza capacity

The IN4Pizza kiosk has a storage capacity of 64 pizza’s. Up to 6 different flavor pizza’s can be ordered so lots of choices. All pizza’s are made with the finest ingredients to guarantee the best possible pizza’s. The standard concept is 4 different pizza’s in a pizza kiosk. One is a classic pizza and is recognizable all over the world and is a Margherita style cheese pizza. No matter if you are in Australia or in the U.S., in Europe or Asia: the IN4Pizza logo is your guarantee for the best pizza’s. Two other pizza’s are the most popular pizza’s. This can vary per country or region. And the fourth pizza is a so called Chef’s signature pizza and is only available for a limited time, followed by another Chef’s pizza.

Latest technology

The whole world has the focus on technology. Except for the pizza industry. For decades was the sales of pizza the very same. Old fashioned almost. Not any longer. IN4Pizza is using the latest technology to produce the best pizza’s. But also the efficiency is thanks to the technology. Check each and every machine at home or in the office from your laptop, computer, tablet or cellphone. Make extra money with the screen on the pizza kiosk. Our customers are the most loyal customers you can hope for. At home, they walk away when there is a commercial on television. When there is a commercial on the kiosk screen, they pay attention. And many companies understand this very well. Car producers, phone providers, previews of the latest movies etc.

in4Pizza Marketing and sales promotions

With only a few pizza machines is it almost impossible to get the attention you want for your business. IN4Pizza will become the largest pizza chain in the world. Thousands of machines will be installed around the world. This creates a massive marketing and sales plan that gives each individual pizza kiosk the attention they deserve. It gives the possibility to promote local events but also worldwide events in sports and entertainment. We listen to our business partners and [ps2id url=’/contact/’ offset=”]suggestions[/ps2id] are always welcome.

IN4Pizza worldwide branding

IN4Pizza is a global brand and will be introduced all over the world. Everybody around the globe loves pizza!. From the U.S. and Canada to China and Russia and from south Africa to Australia, Mexico and Great Britain with all other countries in between. The first pizza kiosks will be available in the U.S., followed by the rest of the world. Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, north- and south America: everybody loves pizza! Until now was it a serious investment to open your own pizza place. The investment to operate your own IN4Pizza locations is a fraction. This gives you the opportunity to operate more locations at the same investment. The IN4Pizza kiosk is easy to install and to place at another location: only an outlet is required. No long term lease necessary. People just love the idea of this concept. We invite you to become part of the IN4Pizza family. Welcome!

IN4Pizza Target Groups

The IN4Pizza automated retail kiosk will be placed at locations with lots of foot traffic like:

Convenient stores
Gas stations
Home delivery service
Hotels (Room service)

Large companies
Rest areas
Schools and universities

Sports bars
Sports arena’s
Truck stops
Train stations
Theme and national parks

Our pizza’s are made with the best ingredients and always fresh baked for you. Until now, it took at the traditional pizza places always 12-15 minutes to get a fresh baked pizza. By using the latest technology is it possible to prepare your own selected pizza under 4 minutes.  Order your pizza now is fun: 24/7 available at most locations, Who doesn’t like to bake his own pizza?

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