24/7 operational

Imagine a location where fresh and delicious pizza is available 24/7. This is the truth with the latest pizza automated retail kiosk by IN4 Pizza. Each and every hour of the day the best pizza for you. Experience the best combination of the latest technology and award winning pizza recipes. No staff needed and a sophisticated monitoring system informs the operator when it is time to restock. This creates new business opportunities.
And the minimum space it needs makes it also possible to install the IN4 Pizza kiosks at many locations like airports, hotels, gasstations, convenient stores, universities etc.

100% self service

The keyword to succes of this pizza concept is SIMPEL. Everybody can order a pizza without any help. No staff needed which saves a lot on labor costs. Just touch the screen and make your choice. After the order is confirmed and paid for, the IN4 Pizza kiosk will do all the work and within 4 minutes is a fresh baked pizza ready to eat. This efficient pizza concept makes it possible that just one operator can service 20-30 pizza kiosks at a daily base, based on the distance of the kiosks.

Ready to eat in 4 minutes

It takes from the moment a pizza is ordered only 4 minutes to enjoy that delicious and fresh hot pizza. What do you need more? Other places take easily 10-15 minutes because they simply don’t use the latest technology. And our oven is also a real oven. No microwave. Never. IN4 Pizza sets the standard with this new technology. The combination of quality ingredients, award winning recipes and the latest technology creates the best pizza you ever had.


IN4Pizza knows what it takes to make the perfect pizza. Our unique automated retail pizza kiosks, using the latest technology and the freshest(NEVER frozen), tastiest ingredients, makes a delicious oven fresh pizza available 24/7. It was designed to be the perfect solution for locations with heavy foot traffic and a small foot print, such as gas stations and airports. Other ideal locations include universities, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

After extensive market research, innovation, and development, IN4Pizza presents a unique concept: a pizza vending machine that makes it possible to order a fresh pizza, ready to eat in four minutes! To ensure the absolute best quality, the pizza is always kept in a temperature-controlled environment. Once the pizza is ordered, the pizza is baked fresh. The result is a delicious pizza delivered to your happy customers anytime, 24/7!

Are you IN4Pizza

For decades it was common to order a pizza and wait for 12-15 minutes.  Today, utilizing the latest technology in the food industry, IN4Pizza kiosks drastically reduce the cooking time while still ensuring a pizza of the highest quality. How do we do it? Using a special technique that combines grilling and baking, we can accurately reach the correct temperature in seconds. The result is a perfect pizza, each and every time.

IN4Pizza is a company that is based on quality and trust. It is only natural that we work with the highest quality suppliers in the world. This allows us to provide delicious pizzas with only the highest quality ingredients, including fresh pizza dough, specially selected organic vegetables, real cheese, tender meat and fish.