Bundle knowledge and experience

By combine companies in the food and supply industry, a synergy developed which created a strong corporation at levels like development, service, maintenance and management. Research the charastics of certain ingredients products makes it possible to end up with a result that is just that much better to call it the perfect pizza. It promotes better accessibility  in all directions.

Cost ruduce

When you become a business partner of IN4Pizza, you have chosen to become part of a team that stands for quality and success.

Because of the high quality construction and high end electronics used in the creation of our automated retail pizza kiosks, they are reliable and have a minimum of maintenance and repairs. In fact, to further ensure reliability, all of the kiosks have a service and maintenance program. We only work with the best maintenance vendors that have proven track records, can guarantee easy maintenance, and efficient repairs to keep your pizza kiosk up and running 24/7. This will ensure a spotless presentation, and years of successful business.

Energy sufficient and environment friendly

The IN4Pizza automated retail pizza kiosk has all the necessary certifications and approvals including CE-certification and meets all international energy and environmental standards.  It is CFK and HCFK free and made with recyclable materials, which provide automatic energy savings.

A contribution to a sustainable society with respect for the environment and the world is an imporant part of our policy.

Worldwide Branding

IN4Pizza is a global brand, working together with various companies, both locally and nationwide. By introducing the pizza kiosk, our goal is to have global coverage, from north to south and from east to west. We are well on our way towards reaching this goal.

IN4Pizza is uniting people around the world with our delicious, freshly baked pizza. There are no borders with us.  With both globally accepted pizzas as well as catering to local tastes with specialty pizzas, IN4Pizza will be the largest pizza chain in the world.

Management and reports

Each pizza kiosk has its own IP address. The software analyses careful the sales, seasonal trends and loss.   This makes it possible to specify the individual need per location. This special developed software makes it possible to solve unwanted situations like out of order by strict communication online. IN4Pizza offers detailed daily online reports and graphics. This creates real time clear understanding of the local situation.

The mechanicals are checked around the clock for deviating parameters. A message will go immediately to the preferred location like a computer or cell phone to be able to take steps.

Hygiene and quality

IN4Pizza guarantees during the entire process at all levels a well-controlled and hygienic environment. All precautions are taken to offer the best quality pizza’s. A top quality pizza that meets the highest standards.