How it works

The process of take & bake is simple. The fresh prepared and never frozen pizzas are place on an aluminum sheet in a special designed box. Storage in a temperature controlled section to guarantee freshness and quality. The high tech unit knows each single location per pizza including time of storage with a first in/first out system. In case a product is close to the expiration date, it is possible to offer those specific pizza’s at a reduced price (on distance by Internet) or will block those pizza’s.

A 42” inch touch screen is placed to order. Simple to follow instructions.  A robotic arm will remove the pizza of your choice from the refrigerator to the oven. Before the pizza enters the oven, i twill be lifted out of the box and only the pizza goes into the oven. Each pizza had its own temperature to bake the pizza in order to have the perfect and most delicious pizza.

Next, the pizza comes out of the oven and will  be placed back in the pizza box. Close the lid and presented to the customer. All in just 4 minutes.

It is also possible to order a fresh pizza, not baked to take home and bake in your own oven.